Course Description

Focus: World Geography, History and Culture: Patterns of Continuity and Change

Time Period: The Great Global Convergence 1400 to the Present

Students in seventh grade will continue to expand upon the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired in the sixth grade examination of early civilizations. Seventh graders study the world from the Age of Exploration to contemporary times in order to understand the implications of increased global interactions. The focus will remain on the discipline of geography by using the themes of location, place, movement, human-environmental interaction and region to understand modern societies and regions. This course will guide students through patterns of change and continuity with a focus on conflict and cooperation, economic development, population shifts, political thought and organization, cultural values and beliefs and the impact of environment over time. Through an investigation of the various factors that shaped the development of societies and regions in the modern world and global interactions, students will examine both similarities and differences. Seventh grade will be an integrated study of various societies and regions from every continent (Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americans and Australia).